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13 octobre 2010

October 13th - TGV to Montpellier

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12 octobre 2010

October 12th - Puss-Puss is a hardcore tourist

Puss-Puss little brother wakes the Puss-Puss up early morning, trusts them with the keys of his apartment, then heads for India. The Puss-Puss rejoices at the opportunity of having an apartment in the heart of Paris as their touristic headquarter!

First off, the non touristic plan: visit of the US Embassy. Puss-Puss has no difficulties convincing the officials that Puss-Puss fully deserves a new working visa.

Next, THE Eiffel tower, along with french pastries. Puss-Puss is getting on Puss-Puss nerves by asking for LOTS of pictures in front of the tower. But Puss-Puss thinks it's only fair - it's THE Eiffel tower, after all.




The Puss-Puss then embark on the Batobus, a boat that takes them on the Seine. They can enjoy some famous sights of Paris, such as:

- THE Eiffel tower (again!):


- Puss-Puss favorite bridge, Alexandre III:


- The Puss-Puss, one of the best Parisian wonders:


- Notre-Dame:


The Puss-Puss then get off the boat, and go have a look at l'hotel de ville, where Puss-Puss has a shoe moment:


The Puss-Puss cross the Seine to go to l'ile de la Cite, and take a closer look at Notre-Dame de Paris:




Puss-Puss finishes crossing the Seine and ends up on Rive gauche, at St Michel, where Puss-Puss has yet another shoe episode:


Next, it's the quintessential french experience: Puss-Puss runs into the strikers, and Puss-Puss is confused...


Puss-Puss reaches safely the Sorbonne, and makes a quick coffee break to get over the emotional distress of the strikers collision.



Puss-Puss is reminded of Les Miserables while visiting le jardin du Luxembourg: this is where Marius fell in love with Cosette.


Next step is Puss-Puss old neighborhood. Puss-Puss is not impressed and this makes Puss-Puss unhappy. Puss-Puss loves Puss-Puss old neighborhood. Puss-Puss then meets old friends for drinks and crepes. Puss-Puss friends are the best!

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11 octobre 2010

October 11th - The Puss-Puss land in Paris!

The Puss-Puss take the RER and exit at the Invalides station. Puss-Puss gets its first sight of Paris under the sunrise. The Invalides on the left, the Alexandre III bridge on the right, Eiffel Tower straight ahead. Puss-Puss is blown away.

The Puss-Puss get slightly confused in the streets of the 7th arrondissement, then finally rejoice at the sight of Puss-Puss little brother in his apartment. He seems so happy to see Puss-Puss. The Puss-Puss, along with Puss-Puss brother then go to enjoy their first parisian breakfast in a cafe. Since Puss-Puss brother lives in a touristic neighborhood, the waiter addresses Puss-Puss in english and gives a cafe allonge when Puss-Puss asks for a coffee (and not an expresso, which is what you would usually get when asking for a coffee in France).
Another authentic french experience awaits the Puss-Puss upon their return to brother's apartment: they find out that, thanks to the strikes, their train for Montpellier is canceled. The Puss-Puss rapidly book some new tickets and organize some last minute meeting with friends. The Puss-Puss are thriving on last minute inconveniences. That's what Puss-Puss does! The Puss-Puss then go for a first round of visit, starting with l'Opera Garnier:


The Puss-Puss then get their first meal in Paris. It was not a good one. Puss-Puss get some very bad magret de canard. After this disappointment, the Puss-Puss go for a little bit of shopping and Puss-Puss chooses the birthday present from the little brother at Desigual in the Galeries Lafayette:


The Puss-Puss then go to Place Vendome and check out the jewelry:


The Puss-Puss are then abandoned by little brother (who has to pack) and they walk erratically through the Jardin des Tuileries until the Louvre. Jet lag is slowly and surely striking them.


We also have the chance to see not une... wait for it... but deux legend... wait for it... legendary deux-chevaux touring tourists through Paris:


The Puss-Puss then cross the Seine thanks to the lovely Pont des Arts...


...and take a little break in the Cafe des Beaux-Arts; they get a cafe gourmand and a huge charcuterie/cheese plate, that they are not even able to finish, shame on them!

They walk back to little brother apartment, taking a "short" photo-shoot break in front of the Invalides:


For the evening, Puss-Puss elder brother joins them, and they go to a restaurant randomly chosen by the little brother... This time his random choice is luckier than at lunch and everyone enjoys a very good dinner.


The Puss-Puss then go to bed and Puss-Puss enjoys reading the books offered by the elder brother. Meanwhile, little brother finishes packing for the great trip to India. And that's it folks!

From Puss-Puss, good night.

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